The Staffordshire Golf Club

Important update on changing clubs, CDH Numbers and Handicaps

Thursday 21st April 2022

Dear Member,

The following is a copy of the news item sent to members on 17th March 2022 and this information is still applicable. I have now added advice for what happens after 3rd May 2022.

Copy of email 17th March 2022-:

When you join a new club, and wish the new club to be your Home Club, you need to do the following-

Provide the new club with your unique CDH number and ask them to contact WHS through the website, requesting that your home club be changed from The Staffordshire Golf Club to their club.

I will then get a message from WHS asking me if I wish to accept or refuse this change.

I will then accept the change and then all of your details, Competition Scores and General Play Scores held by the WHS under The Staffordshire Golf Club name will be automatically transferred to be held by the WHS under your new clubs name.

Best Regards,

Ken Waddicor(Handicap Committee)

At some stage after the 3rd May 2022, anyone joining a new golf club should do the following-

Provide your new club with your unique CDH number, your email address and your date of birth.  The club can then enter these details into the WHS website and register you as a new member. All your previous rounds and Handicap Index listings will then be available to you and the club.

This is according to information that we have received from England Golf.

Wishing you all the very best for the future.


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